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Winter and Spring 2017 in Athens

Join us for a few nights or as long as you want as the seasons change. Its the best time to see the ancient sites, explore the cobblestone laneways or eat your self silly with world class cuisine. You can do amazing day trips to places like the Temple of Posideon and Medieval Nemea which are only 2 hours a way on the bus. Its hard not to love Athens as much us we do, and we promise to look after you every step of the way. We hope to see you soon!

Lonely Planet says "Athens Backpackers has fast become the hostel of choice for excellent facilities and good time atmosphere - you'll find an instant social scene,fabulous facilities,a Roof Bar with unbeatable views of the Acropolis, comfortable beds in an unbeatble location... Best of the hostels in Athens "Lonely Planet 2017"

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